Training course class B

 Course class B

We are teaching and training for class B which will give you authorization to drive:

Passenger cars up to 9 passenger (including driver) and up to 3,5 tons. You can joint to car also trailer with maximum weight:

  • Below 750kilos
  • More then 750 kilos but total weight of set (car + trailer) is below 3,5 tons

Our carpark:

3pcs Toyota Yaris 1.0, 50 kW with A/C (manual transmission)

1x Toyota Yaris 1,3 with A/C (automatic transmission)

Course is on individual base so it will start as per discussion between driving school and client.

Price list:

Price list valid from 1st of January 2024.

Basic course

16 hours of theory, learining CD, our learning videos, 28 x 45 minutes training drives, 2 hours of practical maintenance, 1st exam from driving school side. (Learning CD and our learning videos are available only in Czech version). Duration about 2-3 months.

B - manual transmission 21.000 CZK

B - automatic transmission 21.000 CZK

Additional cost for so called "Fast-course or express course" (drives 5 times per week) 4.000 CZK

Premium course

Standard course including long-way drive on highway (using connection and turning lanes, fast speed drive) + 4 hour safety driving course (emergency breaking, maneuvering accident avoiding, skid avoidment). Starting and ending of each training drive anywhere in Ostrava.

B - manual transmission 30.000 CZK

B - automatic transmission 30.000 CZK

Repeating learning and training after 3rd failed exam

After 3rd failed exam client have to follow new theory learning or new training drives in full range which mean 14x45minutes of theory or 28x45 minutes of training drives

B - theory 14 x 45 minutes 2 000 CZK

B- drive learning 28 x 45 minutes 19 000 CZK

Condition drives

45 minutes for our school clients 700 CZK

45 minutes for an external clients 850 CZK

45 minutes automatic transmission 750 CZK

Returning of driving licence

Including 4 x 45 minutes and 1st try of exam from driving school side 4.500 CZK

Student transfer from another driving school 4.000 CZK

Transfer of the student to another driving school, issuance of documentation 500 CZK

Teaching theory for an external student 45 minutes 200 CZK

Unexcused absence from learning drive min. 24 hours in advance 500 CZK

Loss of the client's ID card - when the client's ID is lost and a duplicate is issued 300 CZK

Examinations (final exam)

The applicant for a driver's license is obliged to pay an administrative fee for taking the test to the relevant municipal office of the municipality with extended jurisdiction (Magistrate of the city of Ostrava, building at street 30. Dubna 635/35 on the ground floor at cash desk door no. 117, 118).

The administrative fee must be paid before the applicant registers for the test, otherwise the municipality of Ostrava will not grant the driving school a date for the test.

The amount of administrative fees is determined according to Act. No. 634/2004 Coll., on administrative fees.

Payments by the Municipality of the City of Ostrava

1st examination of professional competence 700 CZK

repeated examination of the rules (test) 100 CZK

repeated driving test 400 CZK

Payment for Driving school payments

1st examination of professional competence for free

repeated exam 600 CZK

Unexcused absence from exam min. 24 hours in advance 1.000 CZK

Interpreter exam fees

theory test exam 700 CZK

driving exam 800 CZK

Fees for interpreter is not inclused in price for course