Condition drives

Condition drives

Seems to be Ostrava too complicated for driving or there was a hell of time since you sit in front of the steering wheel of handbars last time? Or you have simply a fear to drive of drive?

Let us care of breaking down your fear and restoring certaintly of your driving skills.

Condition drives are also inteded to those who minimum of training lessons are not enough and need to be improve more in driving. After completing of condition drives you will not have this problem any more. With us everytime with smile...

Condition drives are for class AM, A1, A2, A, B and B with automatic transmission.

Price list:

Condition drive - class A (motorcycle)

45 min on 1 moto with teacher (traffic or training ground)     800 CZK

45 min on 1 moto single (traffic or training ground)                1000 CZK

45 minutes on own motorcycle                                               700 CZK

Condition drive - class B (car)

45 minutes for our school clients                                            700 CZK

45 minutes for an external clients                                           
850 CZK

45 minutes automatic transmission                                         750 CZK