General information

General information

Why do you want to choose us?

Our motto is "We are teaching those who want to be educate ...

Our driving school was founded in 2010 and from that time we built in Ostrava very good position between clients as well between examiners. You can find great work of our teachers behind this. We are train our teacher by ourselves and trying to do our best to increase their education continuously. Our teachers are also lectors of Safety drive training program on Třinec polygon. We are taking care that course has clear sequence of learning and our clients are lead to fully independent driving with stress on SAFETY.

More then 90% of new client are coming to us on reference from their friends or colleagues. This is the best advertisement.

  • Teaching and training are according to Law 247/2000 Sb.
  • We have our own schoolroom and before your training will start we will teach you theory.
  • Then before driving in traffic we will start at training ground.
  • We have own teaching materials (training videos).
  • We are NOT cheating our clients. You will have all necessary hours of theory or training drives.
  • We have new Toyota Yaris cars.
  • Our teachers and also lectors of Safety drives on Safety drive Centre in Třinec and lectors of Safety drives on motorcycles.

We are training for groups AM, A1, A2, A, B and B-automatic. Also we are offering condition drives for those of you who was not sitting in front of steering wheel or handlebars for longer period. There are a lot of driving schools in Ostrava where prices are quite low. Anyway don´t forget that not everytime cheaper driving school is equal to good quality driving school.

Some to driving school try to save some money at the expense of clients. For example not to do some necessary theory lessons or training drives or sometimes teacher is doing some personal staff during drive. Or also don´t forget that practical maintenance is not part of training drives lessons and need to be done separately. So there is more way how to "cheat" and driving schools in Ostrava and also other cities are going this way.

Before you will choose driving school where prices are below 13kCZK, be sure that you will get everything for you money. Driving school is cheat on theirselves eigher on you. Which option is possible? Think about it.

This is why we decided to go fair way. We are doing everything according to law and before your start you will get all necessary information from us (what you get from teaching lessons and training drives etc.). Our driving school will never be the most richest driving school but we can clearly look to eyes of our current and also past clients.

For whole of training drives you will be in relaxed atmosphere without any unnecessary emontions.

For now we have 5 teachers including English speaking teacher.

We have in total 4pcs of Toyota Yaris cars including one with automaticic transmission.

For motorcycle drives we can offer you Yamaha SR 125, Benelli BN 125, Suzuki GS 500, Kawasaki Z400, Suzuki GSF 600 Bandit, Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius and Suzuki GSF 650 Bandit.